North Devon RAYNET Group
Affiliated to the Radio Society of Great Britain

This year North Devon Raynet celebrates 30 years of operating in the community.

The group encompasses a wide range of ages and talents and has a good selection of modern equipment. Through working with the local authority and local charity events we have established an efficient and technically proficient team to supply effective communications in challenging terrain. Working alongside West and Mid Devon Raynet groups we cover the largest charity events in Devon and help raise substantial funds towards supporti the running of the local Hospices and Macmillan teams. By holding regular training workshops and exercises along with our neighbouring groups we enable members to be familiar with the high speed data modes currently in use by Raynet for inter-county communications, with the various talk through units we use and operating protocols. The effective use of linked 2m duplex talk-through units has allowed the extensive use of hand held radios over the operational area giving the Raynet operators closer contact with event marshals and providing multi-contact patching. Recent developments include a dynamic graphical interface to keep track of events basedon the popular Raspberry pi micro computer and a portable integrated  digital audio logger for recording the radio traffic during exercises. Future developments include extending the use of data modes, gps / mapping software and constructing a web site for the group. We welcome anyone who would like to join us and can arrange with local radio clubs training and examining for the amateur licence at all levels

                Site under construction!!!!!
        All enquiries to Steve G6SQX
        Tel.01769 574357